FSKneeboard v1.1 Released

Hey Pilots! I’m finally able to release…

FSKneeboard 1.1.0

to the public and I CAN’T WAIT to get into your hands!

It’s a pretty big update, especially as it includes three ALL-NEW features available to those of you who decide to actively support the development of the extension by becoming FSKneeboard PRO supporters.

As mentioned in the last video, this will all happen on a “Pay-What-You-Want”-basis, starting at USD 10,-. As mentioned before: If, for any reason, you are not able or not willing to scrape together that amount, PLEASE REACH OUT! Let’s talk and we’ll see what we can do!!!

Those of you who have donated some cash in the past will also get the extension for free if you like. I’ll start reaching out to you guys tomorrow. You can also email me at info@fskneeboard.com

Where can I get it?

As always, the FREE version of FSKneeboard can be downloaded from https://fskneeboard.com/try-free/ and the source code is available on my Github at https://github.com/Christian1984/vfrmap-for-vr/releases/

If you would like to take a sneak peek at the new features, you are also invited to check out https://fskneeboard.com – The website isn’t 100% complete, though. I do, however, like the landing page a lot and the entire process of purchasing your copy of FSKneeboard PRO is ready and waiting for you 🙂

You can support the mod by purchasing your FSKneeboard PRO copy at https://fskneeboard.com/buy-now – The process, however, is not 100% automated yet and will require me to manually confirm your payment, which can take up to 24 hours.

Sorry for that. I know: It’s a bit of a bummer! But I can’t do everything at once and I really wanted to get the update out there and into other enthusiasts’ hands!!!

Is this a VIRUS???

tl;dr: NO! 🙂 But it’s good that you keep asking that question!!!

I’d like to address one issue that I wasn’t able to fix with this particular version. It’s one that bothers a lot of people getting in contact with my extension: “VFR Map For VR” was often flagged as malicious software, commonly referred to as “a virus”.

This is a false positive, though! The unfortunate truth, however, is that the source for this issue is buried deep inside Golang, which is the programming language this extension was developed in (see https://golang.org/doc/faq#virus for details). Hence, FSKneeboard 1.1.0 still suffers from it.

I’ve just run the latest binaries through virustotal.com and they still get flagged by two, respectively three vendors. That’s unfortunate but was to be expected! I know that it’s a false positive, and anyone who would like to can doublecheck by diving deep into the open-source source code. However, I do understand that only very few are actually capable of doing that. And I also understand that not everyone is willing to trust me. And let’s be clear: FROM A CYBERSECURITY PERSPECTIVE YOU SHOULDN’T! Because all I have to offer is my word and the reference to the source code, of course.

So, other than that, all I can say to make you feel better is: DON’T run any software you do not trust WITH ELEVATED RIGHTS! NEVER!!! FSKneeboard does NOT require administrator rights. So don’t give FSKneeboard admin rights! Okay?

That being said, again: No, FSKneeboard isn’t malware! Virus scanners happen to flag Golang binaries as malware from time to time, though, as they don’t see Go-compiled binaries that often and thus heuristics can be “biased” against Go binaries.

So, what is the long-term solution? I am well aware of the issue and the biggest bullet on my roadmap for FSKneeboard is to migrate the entire server component into an all-new .NET application. That should solve the issue once and for all! But it is a truckload of work and will take some time…


Your guys’ support (and critique) is why I’m doing all this. And it is what keeps me motivated. So again: Thanks for all your kind words and your valuable feedback! I really appreciate it!!!

Let me know what you think of the latest release. How do you like the new features? What should be improved???

And please let me know how you like https://fskneeboard.com