FSKneeboard v1.3.0 Released

Hey guys! Super excited to be rolling out a bunch of new features, getting them into your hands, and looking forward to your feedback!

FSKneeboard v1.3.0 released 🙂

The latest changes include…


  • added a configurable hotkey to toggle the ingame panel’s visibility from your keyboard and HOTAS (requires mapping of keyboard macros to your HOTAS buttons)


  • added access Flight Simulator’s ingame flightplan from FSKneeboard and load it onto your kneeboard’s map (*)
  • added autoremoval for waypoints (except the last one) when getting within an 0.5 NM range (*)
  • added a wind direction and velocity indicator


  • improved overview, performance and stability of the waypoints feature by disabling visibility of info-flags of individual waypoints (except the last one) by default. Individual info-flags can be toggled by clicking on the particular waypoint.
  • added option `–quietshutdown` to prevent FSKneeboard from showing a `Press ENTER to continue…` prompt after disconnecting from MSFS
  • added link to the FSKneeboard Discord server (https://discord.fskneeboard.com) to the server’s startup message

Get it here:

Cheers and happy landings,